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Nations Skate Youth Book


Nations Skate Youth Book

$75 Donation

With this book Nations aims to represent Indigenous art, culture, music, skateboarding and fashion. Inspiring the next generation and showing them what is possible

Nations Skate Youth would like to dedicate this book to every child that didn’t make it home, to every survivor and the families that have been affected across Turtle Island by the Residential Schools. 

ALL proceeds of this book will go to: The Indian Residential School Survivor Society (IRSSS)

151 Full Colour Pages | Free shipping is not available for this item. 

Nations Skate Youth // Empowering Indigenous youth to embrace their right to self-determination through the positive impact of skateboarding.

The Indian Residential School Survivors Society encourages you to take time to care for your Mental and Emotional well-being. Please contact:

The Indian Residential School Survivors Society

Toll-free 1 (800) 721-0066


24hr Crisis Line 1 (866) 925-4419

If you require further emotional support or assistance please visit: