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Making Waves Earrings


Making Waves Earrings

These earrings are handmade from reclaimed English walnut wood. This hardwood features gorgeous grain and lines and has been carefully cut and sanded to show off. Each piece is a little different and measures approx 2.5" long and on sterling silver hooks. 

*Due to the unique nature of reclaimed wood and each piece being handmade – expect variances in colour, grain, thickness and size. Each piece of Billy Would is made using various hand tools and saws. We don’t use lasers, engravers, CNC machines or molds.

Wood likes to stay dry, keep it out of rivers, streams, lakes and showers. Most pieces have been finished with a non-toxic oil finish, if your BILLY WOULD is looking dried out just apply a natural oil you don’t mind on our skin and gently rub off with a soft cloth after a couple minutes. To clean tarnished sterling silver, gently buff with a silver cleaning cloth or preferred method (avoiding the wood).
(Keep jewellery organized and tarnish free, store pieces in small airtight baggies or containers)